What are CBD Oils? 

Voyager’s premium CBD oils are made with CBD isolate and MCT coconut oil. They are supplied in three flavours including blood orange, peppermint and natural. They are also made in three strengths with 500mg CBD oil available in all three flavours, 1500mg CBD oil available in peppermint and natural, and 3000mg available in natural. Our CBD oils are stored in amber bottles to keep the CBD protected from direct sunlight and at its most effective. Each bottle is also fitted with a calibrated pipette for convenient dosage measurement.

Benefits of taking CBD Oils


The benefits of taking CBD oil are the same as taking any other ingestible CBD product. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body to help lower inflammation and restore balance to passive bodily functions such as sleep cycles and mood regulation. Many people using CBD claim it helps lessen anxiety, improve sleep, and lessen joint and muscle pain. 


Every person will react to CBD differently due to metabolism and physiological differences. CBD can also take up to five days before any notable effects are felt as this is how long it takes for the compound to build up a supply within the body. For best results, CBD should be taken daily over a long period of time.


CBD Oil Natural 500mg

Where does the CBD come from? 


CBD comes from the hemp plant and is one of hundreds of compounds that are found there. CBD is extracted from the plant through CO2 extraction methods or ethanol extraction. What is left behind is pure CBD in its crystalline form which can then be added to oils and products.

How to Take CBD Oils

The CBD content of Voyager’s oils are measured in milligrams, contrary to other companies that measure the strength of the oil in percentages. This is because the CBD isolate is weighed out in milligrams before being added to the MCT coconut oil so this method ensures our customers know exactly how much CBD is in our products with no extra mathematics required.

The maximum recommended daily dose of CBD in the UK is 70mg. This means that the strength of the oil purchased will determine how much CBD oil is needed. By design, each CBD bottle is packaged with dosage instruction for convenience. 

A dosage guide is also available here:

CBD Strength

1ml worth of Oil*

Maximum Dosage per Day


1ml = 16.67mg CBD



1ml = 50mg CBD



1ml = 100mg CBD


*Every Voyager CBD Oil comes with a calibrated pipette in millilitres for easy dosage control.

To take CBD oil, firstly measure out the preferred dosage with the pipette, then drop under the tongue and hold for 1 minute before swallowing the oil for best results. This allows the CBD to go directly into the bloodstream. Although this is the fastest and most effective way to take CBD oil, you can also add the oil to any drink like coffee or smoothies for an alternative method of consumption. It is advisable to ingest CBD with something with a fat content as it is fat soluble and will not mix well with water alone. It is also important not to heat CBD over 176°C because that is when CBD will start to degrade and become less effective.

What is CBD Isolate? 

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD as it only contains the compound CBD and no other compounds or terpenes found in the hemp plant. Other forms of CBD include broad spectrum and full spectrum which may include other compounds and small amounts of THC. CBD isolate is tested to make sure 0.0% of THC is present in the product which makes it ideal for athletes, professionals, and military personnel. 

Are CBD Oils legal in the UK? 

Yes, CBD oil is legal in the UK. However, there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed for businesses to sell CBD. One of these includes providing a certificate of analysis (COA) for every CBD product batch. You can find the COAs for all the Voyager CBD oils here:

500mg Blood Orange COA 

500mg Peppermint COA 

500mg Natural COA 

1500mg Peppermint COA 

1500mg Natural COA

3000mg Natural COA 

Calibrated Pipette


Download Guide

Due to popular demand, here is a digital PDF of our guide!

A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oils