A quick search on Amazon or Ebay usually reveals several pages of sellers advertising “CBD oil” or other CBD products and often at very compelling prices too.  Frequently these sellers may say that their product is great for sleep, pain relief, stress, anxiety and various other ailments.

Tempted?  Don’t be.  Amazon, Ebay and a number of other mainstream online retailers do not permit the sale of CBD oil or CBD products.  So what you find on those sites is either there improperly or probably doesn’t have any CBD in it at all.  It may be hemp seed oil – produced from the same plant but hemp seeds don’t contain any CBD at all (they do have many other useful properties though and we’ll cover that in another blog).

Furthermore, reputable sellers of CBD will make no claims about their products.  We and other such sellers are selling food supplements and health supplements.  They are not pharmaceutical products and, accordingly, we will make no such claims about their effects other than saying that research has shown that CBD (generally as opposed to a particular CBD product) has a wide range of benefits.

Some sellers on Amazon or Ebay may refer to their products as being made from “hemp extract”.  CBD is extracted from hemp and so if the product’s ingredients include hemp extract then it may contain CBD.  So that’s ok then?  Maybe but not necessarily. 1000mg of hemp extract does not necessarily mean the product contains 1000mg of CBD.  In fact the true CBD content may be a lot less as CBD is itself just part of the extract.  Reputable CBD sellers state the exact milligram content of CBD.  That is what VoyagerCBD does.  From a customer’s point of view, this is a far more reliable way of managing your CBD intake than guessing the concentration of “hemp extract”.

So, buy your CBD from responsible sellers.  If they are complying with these rules then that’s a good start but look for the detail that is on the label (starting with the CBD content) and ask to see the lab reports if you are not sure.  Many sellers – including VoyagerCBD – display their lab reports on their website.  If sellers have nothing to hide in that regard then they should be proud to share them with their customers.