Amphora by Voyager
Effects-Based CBD Infused Vape Collection

CBD Vape Cartridges


Inspire: Feeling a bit under the weather? Struggling to tap into your creative flow? Well, why not give the Amphora INSPIRE CBD vape oil a try! Elevate your mood and ignite your creativity with a delightful blend of CBD infused with the soothing essence of earthy lilac and zesty herbal lemon-pepper flavour.

Mend: Have you been pushing your physical limits lately? Feeling the strain of those aches and pains? Amphora’s MEND CBD vape oil, has been expertly crafted to help target pain relief and release tension. Let our specially formulated blend help you reclaim your comfort and vitality, so you can feel like yourself again.

Peace: Seeking a mood boost? Longing for serenity and tranquillity? Why not try Infused Amphora’s CBD vape oil – a harmonious blend designed to soothe your mind and spirit, helping to manage stress and anxiety. Experience a serene escape reclaiming your calmness and balance with the gentle embrace sweet wood, peppercorn, and grapefruit

ZZZ: Have you had a busy day and are craving a night of undisturbed sleep? Try Infused Amphora’s ZZZ CBD Vape oil – Inspired by the serene atmosphere of a forest after rainfall, with subtle notes of juniper and lemon, this formulation is designed to help you unwind, relax and drift off into a peaceful nights slumber.




Amphora vape oil cartridges and pen on cream background with green leaves

Vape Pens and Batteries

Amphora CBD vape pens provide unrivalled airflow. User-friendly capabilities are evident in the vape batteries featuring protected cartridge drop-in design and LED indicators for battery life and power voltage settings.

Try switching up your cartridges as our vape pens fit all Infused Amphora effects-based CBD vape oil cartridges. Easily fit your vape pens into your purse or pocket for when you need to find some peace, relax, get inspired, feel soothed, or become energised.

Take your natural health and wellness to the next level with these high-quality Vista vape pens and from Infused Amphora.

CBD Bottle and hemp lead

Repair Sports Recovery CBD Cream

 Amphora by Voyager’s Repair Sports Recovery CBD Cream has been formulated to help enhance athletic performance and reduce pain. Whether used prior to, during or after physical activity, it can help support your work out needs or whenever your body requires relief from ongoing discomfort.

Injuries are a common occurrence, particularly during active pursuits, and they can disrupt your fitness routine or sideline you form your favourite activities. With its potent anti-inflammatory characteristics, this premium CBD cream could help to alleviate pain and reduce swelling associated with muscle and joint injuries or lingering discomfort

CBD Bottle and hemp lead