Our sense of smell can have a big role in our libido. Scent is taken from your nose to the olfactory bulb of nerves ending which then interact with your limbic system, responsible for your libido. Particular aromatherapy warming, calming scents can increase your libido and passion in your love life. 

Liven up things in the bedroom with these five spicy essential oils. Aromatherapy is often considered an aphrodisiac because it can help enliven and increase passion and senses. Aromatherapy can help aid physically by reducing stress, calming anxiety, energising the body, uplifting mood, and smell amazing! All great things that can help you and your partner get into the Valentine’s day mood. Stress relief from aromatherapy can often help you focus on romance and love with your partner rather than life stresses. 

Lavender plant


Lavender has been one of the most famous aromatherapy scents used for relaxation and calming anxiety. However it also has sensual properties to it making it a great aphrodisiac to use in the bedroom. Its strong floral scent works to soothe the body and mind, allowing for more sensual feelings to arise. It is also known to be stimulating and scientifically proven to increase blood flow. 

Our CBD massage oil is a great way to introduce lavender aromatherapy into your love life due to the products being infused with lavender and ylang ylang essential oil. A massage can help further relax your partner and get you both in the mood. 

essential oils


Sandalwood has connotations to sexual prowess and is said to be a great stimulating scent for men. The scent is woodsy, masculine, and sweet which can enhance masculin sexuality. The theraputic scent is also considered a sexual restorative meant to bring calmness and serenity to both you and your partner. 

Ylang Ylang 

Ylang Ylang is a go to aphrodisiac and considered one of the most powerful aromatherapy scents to use for sensuality and libido. It is said to not only increase libido but also attraction between you and your partner.  Its an energetic scent that can enliven your senses and intensify erotic feelings. Voyager’s CBD bath salts have ylang ylang and lavender essential oils for a sensual spa bath experience. How about a couple’s bath to start the night off right? 

Sweet Orange 

This bright, citrus scent is said to be a great starter aphrodisiac for nerves. It opens the mind and awakens the senses to new experiences. This is a great aphrodisiac to wake yourself up and open your mind beforehand. You apply this aromatherapy to your routine with Voyager’s CBD bath blocks that contain sweet orange and bergamot essential oils. 

ginger root


Ginger has a warm scent that is great for relaxation and getting “hot under the collar”. It has the connotation of courage and confidence. For people wanting to feel sexy in their body, ginger aromatherapy can be used to provide the confidence boost they need. The spicy oil can also help increase blood flow but make sure to mix with a carrier oil beforehand like sweet almond oil. 

These aromatherapy scents can help create relaxation, sensuality, confidence, and awaken your senses, making them a great addition to get you in the mood for the “horizontal tango”. You can try using aromatherapy through massage oils, candles, or oil diffusers to help fill the room with your preferred scent. Now , relax… breathe in.. and have a sexy scented Valentines day!