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ASCEND by Voyager is your ultimate destination for a premium skincare collection, formulated using a clever blend of potent botanical extracts and hemp-derived CBD. Our hand-crafted, vegan, and cruelty-free products exemplify our commitment to delivering an ethical and effective skincare experience.

The Ascend collection is made using nutrient rich botanical oils and active ingredients such as PHYTO-RETINOLS for skin renewal, CAFFEINE for calming irritated skin, JOJOBA OIL for nourishment, ROSEHIP OIL for hydration, SEA BUCKTHORN for radiance, and HEMP DERIVED CBD for overall skin well-being,

Whether you choose our highly concentrated CBD Serums tailored to specific skin needs, indulge in the nourishing benefits of our hydrating day cream, or melt away the day’s impurities with our cleansing balm, each product is designed to elevate your daily skincare routine.

Explore the collection and discover the power of plant-based skincare today.

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CBD is either synthesised in a laboratory or extracted from industrial hemp, another name for the strains of Cannabis Sativa that are grown for a variety of reasons. Industrial hemp is used to make fabric, rope, hemp seed oil and even hempcrete (hemp-made concrete)  and biofuel.

Industrial Hemp is highly regulated in both the UK and EU and at most will contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical compound THC (the one that gets you “high”).

CBD Bottle and hemp lead

CBD extracts can go through varying degrees of filtering and will be tested using gas chromatography techniques to verify their strength. When extracted into oil or isolated into a powder form, CBD can be added to a range of products. You’ll be able to find CBD gummies, tinctures and capsules in many health food shops. CBD Is often taken as an herbal supplement to help with a variety of issues, but it is also a fantastic skincare ingredient.