CBD is becoming more and more mainstream everyday, which means we’re seeing more and more people add it to their daily routine. When you think about taking CBD everyday, you’re probably imagining a couple of drops from a tincture each day, or a gummy. But did you know the possibilities are near endless when you consider cooking with CBD? That’s right, you can add CBD to loads of recipes and still gain the benefit of taking CBD!

As you might expect, taking CBD becomes a little more complex when you start adding it to cooking, so there are some rules to follow to make sure that your dish still gives you all the benefits of CBD when it’s finished. Here are our all important rules for cooking with CBD – and if you read until the end, we’ll even give you a recipe to get you started. Bon Appétit!

Rule 1: Never put CBD over direct heat

Heat is something you have to be really mindful of when you’re cooking with CBD. Put simply, if CBD oil gets too hot, it’ll no longer be effective. Essentially, you can burn CBD off pretty easily if you overheat it.

Try to steer clear of putting CBD over direct heat as this will likely burn off the CBD. The temperature that you want to try and keep your CBD under is 160 Celsius, or 320 Fahrenheit. If you’re keen to try CBD in a dish that is cooked over direct heat, such as sautéed vegetables or a sauce, add CBD after you remove the pan from the heat and give it a moment to cool. This way, you’re far less likely to burn off all the goodness that CBD can provide.

If you’re baking, try looking for recipes that cook below 160 Celsius, or, again, find a way to add CBD oil at the end by drizzling it on top or similar.

CBD Oil and Hemp Leaf

Rule 2: Incorporate Oils and Fats

CBD is fat soluble, which simply means that your body will absorb it better along with other fats and oils. There’s a huge range of cooking oils that you could use for this – avocado oil, olive oil, rape seed oil, coconut oil (the list goes on) as well as other fats like butter. If it’s important to you to keep your CBD infused dish nutritious and healthy, then consider trying to stick with healthier fats such as the kind in tofu, nuts, avocado, and more. There’s tons out there about finding the right oils and fats for you. 

Rule 3: Be sparing with adding CBD oil

One reason why cooking with CBD is so great, is that CBD isolate is tasteless and so very versatile when you add it to recipes. However, CBD oil is still an oil, so it does still have the potential to affect the consistency of a final dish. There are lots of recipes that account for this and their ingredients list tells you just how much CBD to use for the right consistency. 

But you don’t have to just work with the CBD cookery recipes out there already. Maybe you have a recipe you love that you’d like to try adding CBD too. If a recipe has an oil in it, such as a salad dressing for instance, perhaps you could consider substituting a little of it for CBD oil. If not, just make sure to be sparing when adding CBD oil so that the dish isn’t too oily.

Rule 4: Use CBD that is high quality – and always check THC content before adding it to any dish

THC is, like CBD, an cannabinoid that is found in hemp. Unlike CBD though, THC causes a psychoactive effect – a high – that makes it unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery, it can make you feel drowsy, it can compromise your ability to focus, and can cause anxiety. If you’re cooking with CBD and choose to use CBD oil with THC in it, your lunch could leave you feeling high for the rest of your afternoon; obviously not always ideal!

CBD infused meals don’t always have to have such debilitating side-effects! At Voyager we supply CBD isolate products exclusively, which means that all of our CBD products are THC free (0.0%). If you want to know more about what CBD isolate means vs full spectrum, read more on that here. When you cook with CBD isolate, you can be sure that your lunch won’t leave you needing a lie down in a dark room all afternoon!

It’s also important to get high quality CBD from a reputable seller. Even if it just makes up a little bit of your dish when you’re cooking with CBD, it counts to make sure that you know that the CBD you’re getting is exactly what you expect. Here at Voyager, we pride ourselves on our commitment to UK regulations and building customer trust. You can be sure you’re safe with us!

Now that you’re ready to start cooking, why not start with something perfect for summer? Our CBD guacamole is a delicious dip to share with family or friends (or to keep all to yourself!)

Voyager’s Sunshine CBD GUACAMOLE Recipe

CBD Guacamole

You will need:

2 avocados
½ red onion
Small handful of jalapenos and/or 1 red chilli
Handful of coriander
1 large tomato
½ lime (juiced)
Voyager Natural CBD oil 500mg
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt & pepper


Finely dice your onion, tomatoes, jalapenos/chilli & coriander. Halve and stone the avocados then scoop flesh into bowl. Mash avocado with a fork/ potato masher. Add 2 droplets of your natural CBD oil as well as the olive oil, then add your onion, tomatoes, chilli, coriander, juiced lime and mix them all together. Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Serving suggestion: makes the perfect dip for tortilla chips or serve on sourdough bread – yummy!