Dating hasn’t been easy over the past 12 months. Since the first lockdown in March 2020 we’ve been confined to our homes and for many of us this has meant that the single life has had to continue a little longer. But when there’s a will, there’s a way – and with digital tools like Zoom freely available all might not be lost. Whether or not you’re trying video call dates or you’re just putting things on hold, it might be interesting to know how CBD could help you get a head start in the dating world.


Dating with CBD

What’s your pre-date routine? For many of us it includes a glass of wine or two to loosen up. Dutch Courage has long been associated with romantic pursuits as alcohol lowers our inhibitions and can make approaching the person you fancy or going on a first date less daunting. While you could certainly say that this method is tried and tested, think of all the drawbacks that consuming alcohol pre-date has: you’re less alert to your date’s needs, your breath smells of booze, red in the face, and you’re more likely to say something you wouldn’t say sober.


While a glass of wine, beer, or a shot of something strong is helpful in that it calms your nerves, doesn’t it also make you far more at risk of doing what you were afraid of in the first place? Saying something or doing something you regret is always a risk in our daily lives but when you’re trying to make a good impression on a potential partner it helps to have your wits about you.

There’s an alternative way to calm your nerves pre-date. A recent study by scientists in New Zealand found that frequent CBD usage can improve overall quality of life. This included alleviating feelings of anxiety and stress. Reducing anxiety and stress is a huge positive for all aspects of your life, but just think what it could do for your dates.

Because of its potential calming effects not only can CBD help you feel grounded and calmer before a date, but thanks to its ability to help you relax, CBD can help with sleep and taking it regularly or using it in skincare can result in clearer, healthier skin. Working towards a sense of wellness in your everyday life is going to help you feel far more confident and comfortable on your dates.


Will CBD make me feel high on my dates?


You might be wondering: ‘Why should I stop feeling tipsy on dates if CBD is just going to make me high?’. If you’re using full spectrum CBD products you might run into this problem. However, if you use CBD isolate products like the ones we make here at Voyager, you can be rest assured that taking CBD will not get you high. To learn more about CBD isolate vs full spectrum take a look at a blog post we made in January on the topic.

CBD alone does not have any psychoactive properties. The high comes from THC. These two cannabinoids come from the same plant (the hemp plant) but CBD isolate products extract CBD so that no THC is present in the final product. When buying from Voyager you can feel safe knowing that all of our products are THC free.

This means that on your date, you’ll not only benefit from the potential calming effects of regular CBD use but you’ll also feel sober and ready to be an attentive date.

Adding CBD to your daily routine could be a great way to improve your overall feelings of wellbeing, and dating in turn is something that will benefit from this. Drinking is best left for during the date, when both parties are on the same page and are enjoying each other’s company. Pre-date, however, it might be an idea to ditch the alcohol and arrive feeling calm, confident without compromising your inhibitions.