It’s the dawning of a new term for students up and down the country. With the summer holidays beginning to wind down and migratory study groups flocking back to colleges and universities, there is bound to arise the spectre of academic anxieties for some. With a recent study indicating that 37% of surveyed first-year students were experiencing signs of anxiety and depression, there’s no better time to talk about what to do when the going gets tough. Voyager has put together a few pieces of advice on staying cool under the many pressures student life can offer.


Little Help?

The first piece of advice on this list is something that’s easier said than done. Sometimes it feels too abnormal to be experiencing a difficult time and a sense of shame diminishes our ability to look for assistance. The fact is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. From the architect of a skyscraper to the most hermit-like of authors, nothing great was ever accomplished entirely alone and whether it’s friends, family, or teachers being turned to, it’s always worth reaching out.

Help a Friend

Check the Schedule

Depending on which course someone is exploring they’ll either be busy or extremely busy during their time at college or university. As such it’s a good idea to take on a realistic and achievable schedule to get efficient results. Pay close attention to which deadlines are approaching and prioritise accordingly to figure out what the best use of your time is. No one can be expected to remember everything off the top of their head either, so always keep note of what you’re doing to avoid overwhelm. Approaching a mass of work without any kind of plan can be daunting and outright paralysing but drafting up a quick game plan can win half the battle before it’s even begun.


Log Off

Okay, we get it, the internet is a very fun place to spend time and of course, it can be an extremely useful resource for studies, research, and forming goals and ambitions. Unfortunately, it’s also a host to some rather distracting websites and apps that can (and will) rob anyone of their time and have them looking at the clock wondering how they spent 4 hours watching cat videos when they should have been studying. Trust us, once you have the information you need for studying, just turn the Wifi off for a bit. Prescribing to the understanding that overuse of social media erodes our attention spans, taking a detox from that little black mirror may benefit those academic efforts tenfold. The best part is that all of those memes are still going to be there when the Wifi is turned back on again.


Home Working Hub

Whether someone is a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, the space we inhabit while we work really does matter. Generally speaking, most people want to find themselves in comfortable arrangements wherever they go but just because a task may be gruelling or require a serious amount of focus, doesn’t mean it can’t be done while say, lounging on a big fluffy pillow while wearing the comfiest socks in existence and sipping a hot mocha (with a drop of CBD oil of course). When we set up in an ideal space, with good music, strong coffee (we like Unorthodox Roasters), and peaceful surroundings, we tend to get into that flow state a little easier. It certainly beats a squeaky chair and wobbly desk under a flickering fluorescent light.


Brain Food

A good diet can absolutely fuel good studies and it’s very important, even during busy times, to eat well and stay hydrated. Meals packed with leafy greens and natural, whole foods will do a world of good for the brain and body over convenient but processed meals. This ties back into the second piece of advice about routine: instead of playing catch up with your ever-empty pantry and opting for a takeaway a little too often, try prepping meals ahead of time to make eating healthy as convenient as possible. Sometimes we just need a boost to fill the gaps in our diets and for that food supplements are the way to go. From iron to keep you awake to vitamin C for staving off colds, taking a supplement as part of a balanced diet is an ideal way to bolster your efforts when it comes to the crunch. CBD, our undisputed supplement of choice, is an ideal option for anyone looking to boost their general well-being. By supplementing your endocannabinoid system with a top-up of CBD, prospective students may experience improved sleep, a more consistent overall mood, and potentially a much clearer mind. Perfect for coping with whatever twists and turns an academic career has in store. Voyager’s range of CBD oils and edibles has an option for everyone, no matter the desired strength or delivery method, and we even produce ultra-relaxing bath and self-care products to make sure our customers can unwind to the max and make room in their minds for what’s important.



No to FOMO

Ultimately, when stress and anxiety come knocking it’s the better part of wisdom to examine what is right for yourself. There’s a lot of pressure involved in being a student, from the social demands of going out every weekend to the expectations of family and friends to do well, sometimes it can all just get a bit much. Always remember that it’s perfectly okay to prioritise your mental health. It’s okay to not go to all the scheduled social gatherings if you’d rather do your homework and it’s okay to throw in the towel for a while or take some time out if it’s in the best interest of the individual. Life is a marathon, not a sprint and there’s always next year to look forward to.


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