By Joseph Hood

There’s nothing quite like a good summer holiday. For all the excitement a getaway generates, this crucial (yet sometimes overlooked) part of our annual schedule has been relegated to the status of a distant memory in recent years. However, with restrictions all but lifted and travel possibilities slowly but surely returning to something resembling normality, holidaymakers are again setting off in search of sunshine in far-off lands. While a digital camera, sunglasses, and loud Hawaiian shirts are the usual favourites for suitcase stuffing, here are a few reasons to make room in your beach bag for CBD products this year.

The Night Before:

If you’re like one-third of the British population, you may find it difficult to sleep well the night before a big trip. Whether the culprit is anxiety, excitement, or general anticipation of our pending adventures, sometimes it seems impossible to
settle our minds and take the plunge into the land of nod. Luckily cannabidiol and the sandman are familiar friends. Once incorporated into our diets, CBD can help promote a healthy, natural sleep cycle fit for early starts and 6 AM airport runs. A
study published in The Permanente Journal in 2019 also suggests that in addition to regulating our sleeping patterns, CBD can help reduce the release of cortisol (known as the stress hormone and related to our fight or flight response) therefore allowing it to act as a gentle sedative. Speaking of flight…

The Fear of Flying:

According to a survey by National Geographic, over 21 million people in the UK are significantly more scared of air travel now than in the previous decade. With a whopping 81% of those surveyed citing potential engine failure as their biggest
worry while onboard an aircraft, it’s safe to say that hurtling across the sky in a compressed metal cylinder just doesn’t come naturally to some people. If you, like many others, experience sweaty palms, a racing heart, and a general sense of panic when confronted with the dreaded fasten seatbelt sign you may find some relief in a healthy dose of our favourite food supplement. As well as its potential for stifling the release of stress hormones as detailed above, studies suggest that CBD positively interacts with the 5-HT1a receptor related to the production of serotonin or, more colloquially, the “happy hormone”. Not only that, CBD has been shown to bind to the CB1 receptors located in the amygdala portion of the brain.

When these receptors have been neglected the symptoms of anxiety can markedly increase. Conversely, a supplement of CBD may act in opposition to these symptoms as a potent anxiolytic. In other words, since a general fear of flying seems to be linked to the anxiety that something will go wrong, adopting cannabidiol into your diet could go a long way to inhibiting the nervousness many people experience relating to travel. Voyager Soft Gels contain an ample 30mg of CBD each; they’re neatly packaged, portable, and easy to take, making them the perfect travel companion for anyone looking to make their voyage a little more carefree.

CBD soft gels

Bon Appétit:

After safely arriving at our destination of choice, checking into the hotel, and offloading that one suitcase with the squeaky wheel, it’s time to see what the local scenery has to offer. Generally, it’s no surprise that good food in a nice restaurant takes precedence on our travel itineraries. Consciously or not, the cuisine available at a destination is usually a deciding factor in where we make our holidays. Food is a principal part of world culture and the sampling of all that delicious grub, along with the sights, sounds, and smells of a region, plays an important role in making holiday memories. However, tragedy strikes when the eyes are larger than the belly. Both a healthy stomach and a good mood are essential to eating well and maintaining a balanced appetite. Though the offerings at the dinner table may seem appealing, various factors such as nausea, indigestion, anxiety, and an unsettled gut can easily contribute to spoiling a much-needed meal. With no choice but to relinquish whole dishes to the scrap bin or fork them over to an unafflicted travel companion, the queasy connoisseurs among us may wonder which way to turn.

Once again, cannabidiol comes to the rescue in a multitude of ways. Via the endocannabinoid system, CBD can prompt the production of anandamide, a naturally occurring compound with a similar structure to THC. The anandamide, once produced, is thought to bind to specific CB1 receptors which can then lead to a marked increase in healthy appetite.

Another beneficial effect is that CB1 receptors can help ease intestinal inflammation when stimulated, potentially making for a more comfortable dining experience for those with sensitive constitutions. CBD can also encourage our appetites via the CB2 receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. Among other functions, these receptors govern saliva production, the absorption of vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals, and the release of stomach acid. Naturally, meals are enjoyed best when the body can fully process them without detrimental effects making cannabidiol’s implicit use as a digestive aid hard to overlook.

CBD Guacamole

Sun-baked on the Sand:

Common and unfortunate visuals at airports across the UK are baggage claim areas bursting with the bright crimson faces, necks, and shoulders of those returning from holidays abroad. While basking in the sun for hours on end feels like heaven on earth, the effects of doing so without proper protection can be painful, uncomfortable, and particularly harmful. Voyager stores currently stock a natural, vegan, and handmade SPF 50+ sun cream, an essential for anyone planning to lounge on a beach towel for an extended period. However, sun cream will be of limited benefit when the harsh rays have already done their worst. This is where products infused with a substantial amount of CBD come into play again. One of the most prominent properties of cannabidiol is that of an anti-inflammatory, a trait that makes it invaluable to anyone with a skin complaint. Voyager’s latest offering in skincare is an after-sun lotion made with fast-acting ingredients such as cucumber seed oil, aloe vera, and peppermint to aid in the cooling of even the most stubborn sunburns. The active ingredient of CBD is present to relieve pain and irritation while the moisturising elements of shea butter, hemp seed oil, and glycerine help alleviate the awful peeling phase of sun-scorched skin. Though in the first instance, care should be taken to protect our skin from harm, accidents do happen and it’s always best to have something nourishing on hand to help repair lasting damage.

After sun

So there we have it; from giving us a restful sleep to promoting a gourmand appetite, the many possible applications of CBD products at home and abroad make them a must-have for any health-conscious globe-trotter. Finally, though many countries are open to the idea of our specific bracket of plant-based wellness, others remain critical of its loose association with its cousin marijuana. As such, it’s advisable to do a little research before passing through an airport to avoid any awkward conversations or looks of scrutiny at customs. With all that said, safe travels and happy trails!