With Valentine’s day coming this Monday, what better topic to bring up than CBD and sex. It’s not as well known as CBD’s other benefits; anxiety relief, pain relief, sleep aid. However CBD also can benefit sex and people’s relationship with sex. Over lockdown, the UK statistic on sex have shown that people are not getting down as much as they used to. Young adults in the UK have reported having less sex and enjoying it less because of lockdown. CBD could be a way to improve upon what lockdown has taken. A study done on people taking CBD has shown that 64% of those interviewed reported taking CBD out of the bedroom had also improved their sex life. Here are the reasons why CBD may help you get back into the sex groove!

Increased Libido

Let’s face it. Sometimes life is stressful and things get in the way that can cause your libido to take a hit. CBD has been known to help and increase that libido. It does this through interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating and balancing many key bodily functions. The interaction of CBD and the body’s endocannabinoid system can result in pain relief, anxiety relief, and increased blood flow which all contribute to whether our body wants to get jiggy with someone else’s body. 

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Soothes Anxiety

Nothing kills the mood more than being anxious. CBD can help dial back anxiety and the constant mental ‘what ifs’ that are keeping you from enjoying sex. In fact one in three people taking CBD use it to treat their anxiety. 

Increases Blood Flow 

One theory states CBD could help increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. This is helpful for sex in many ways. One, it can increase libido with blood flowing more easily in the body. Two, the improvement of blood flow can actually improve erections and relief from erectile dysfunction.  Ayurveda practitioners have used cannabis for many years as a therapeutic way to treat erectile dysfunction and perform better in sex.

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Pain relief 

While CBD is not a cure for chronic pain, many people with chronic pain have used CBD to help relieve some of their discomfort. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory which can help pain caused by inflammation. For women with chronic pain issues in the pelvic region, sex can be to painful and their libido can take a hit from being in chronic pain. Relieving some of that inflammation may help make sex more comfortable and enjoyable for them. 

Boosts mood

Happy people have more sex. Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between happy couples and having sex at least once a week! Although CBD is not psychoactive like the commonly known THC, it can have an effect on your mood. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system and can enhance anandamide, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Enhancement of anandamide has been shown to boost the person’s mood and regulate moods. Therefore you can be happier and have more sex which in return can make you happier – like a happy sex happy cycle. 

So it’s clear to see CBD has many benefits that can help people enjoy sex and have better sex. How you use CBD is also a fun idea to explore. The range of UK CBD products are constantly growing from new products like CBD lube to CBD Massage oil to CBD oil. People are now able to use CBD creatively for whatever they need it for. We recommend starting with an oil for overall well being and internal effects. However external use can come in the form of a massage or cooling cream on the shoulders to get your partner in the mood!

Have a sexy CBD Valentine’s day!

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