Adopting CBD into your skin care routine can help fight inflammation and acne. CBD is also a strong antioxidant which fights free radical damage and delays premature ageing. Here is our list of the top ten CBD Skin Care products you can use in your natural skincare routine.

1. CBD Clarity Serum 

This natural clarity serum nourishes, protects, and rebalances blemish-prone skin. In a portable amber glass bottle, moisturising aloe vera is combined with natural blemish-busting ingredients such as cedarwood oil, lemon oil, sea buckthorn, tea tree, lavender oil, and anti-inflammatory CBD isolate. A high-end addition to any skincare regimen for restoring moisture to the skin while preventing future breakouts.

How to use

Rub a small amount into skin after cleansing your face and before applying moisturiser. Use morning and night. 


2. CBD Clarity Moisturiser 

Enhance your skincare routine with this blemish-busting moisturiser.  Formulated with  hydrating shea butter, cooling tea tree oil, and soothing oatmeal extract combined with anti-inflammatory CBD isolate.  The active ingredients penetrate the skin quickly to target current acne, prevent future flare ups, and restore moisture, while tea tree oil relieves irritated pimple-prone skin. The component essential oils provide a clean and natural full-bodied scent, making this a high-end cornerstone to any skincare routine.


How to use: 

Gently apply onto the face and neck. Use after cleansing skin and applying serums. You will feel a gentle cooling effect that helps relieve inflamed acne and dry skin.

Clarity Serum

3. CBD Spot Gel 

Say goodbye to stubborn spots with this specially formulated spot gel. Anti-inflammatory CBD is combined with natural azelaic acid for the direct treatment of acne spots as well as the removal of bacteria from the pores, resulting in effective acne spot prevention. The premium formula also minimises the appearance of blemishes and evens out skin tone, boosting confidence in the face of those pesky plooks.

How to use:

To be applied directly to imperfections. As needed, apply a tiny amount to the affected area. Can also be used on broader congested or agitated skin areas.

Spot Gel and Serum

4. Phyto Retinol CBD Night Serum 

Our Phyto-Retinol CBD Night Serum Concentrate was expertly developed with powerful plant sources of rosehip oil and retinol to boost the production of collagen and acts as a rejuvenating overnight treatment.

This highly concentrated serum blends pro-Vitamin A and Retinoic Acid in a potent combination that leaves skin feeling brand new while also appearing visibly more luminous and vibrant.

How to use: 

After cleansing your face and applying moisturisers and other serums, Apply 3-5 drops onto your face. Use as the last stage of the skincare routine before bed. 

A review from one of our customers:

I’ve been using the wonderful Ascend Phyto-retinol CBD night serum product now for a few months. I wanted to give it time before reviewing so I could be as honest as possible. I just LOVE it and would highly recommend it(…) I’ve noticed a huge difference and people have commented on how young my skin has been looking.  (I’m 51). I will certainly purchase again and have recommended to all my friends.  Well done Ascend on such a great product with great packaging too! Will make a fabulous gift.”

5/5 Stars


5. CBD Chamomile Cleansing Butter 

This cleansing balm contains plant oils that help melt away impurities and even the most stubborn eye makeup leaving skin perfectly clean and residue-free. The skin is left feeling invigorated and soft rather than stripped with harsh synthetic chemicals. Organic ingredients were favoured in the production of this butter and mineral oils, artificial fragrance and silicones were rejected resulting in a product which is plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.

How to use:

To cleanse and remove makeup, gently massage into the skin. Rinse off with warm water.

6. CBD Radiance Moisturiser 

Use our CBD Radiance Moisturiser to deeply moisturise the face and neck. This premium skincare product is infused with 250mg CBD and contains a high concentration of antioxidants to promote youthful, radiant skin.

Poppy seed oil, jojoba oil, and hemp seed oil are among the natural ingredients used to improve skin radiance. Poppy seed oil is high in Vitamin E and antioxidants which can help to reduce oxidative stress on the skin and keep it well moisturised. Jojoba oil balances oil production in the skin and functions similarly to the skin’s natural oils. As it is high in omega 3, 6, and 9, hemp seed oil is used for its extremely moisturising properties, leaving skin soft and supple.

How to use:

Smooth the desired amount over cleansed, dry skin in the morning and evening.

7. Caffeine + CBD Brightening Oil Serum

Our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Face Oil has been skillfully developed with botanical sources of effective therapeutic ingredients that have been shown to make skin brighter and more radiant. The strong, authentic coffee aroma is produced by arabica coffee extract, which is also high in caffeine and antioxidants.

Each bottle contains premium CBD extract, 150mg CBD, which is well-known for its ability to fight free radicals, thereby preventing skin damage on a cellular level.

How to use:

Apply a small amount to your face after cleansing and moisturising.

8. CBD Healing Balm 

This balm has an intensive moisturising effect due to a hydrating blend of mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. It works well on bumps, spots, scrapes, and fresh tattoos to support and ease inflammation on damaged skin.

How to use:

Apply a thick amount to bumps, scraps, cuts and healing acne. Reapply whenever necessary.


9. Hydro+ CBD Moisturiser 

This luxurious, lightweight moisturiser has been skillfully developed with plant-based ingredients to intensely hydrate the skin for a plumped-up complexion. It contains a blend of 13 botanical extracts infused with 300mg hemp-derived CBD. For healthy, glowing skin, follow with your preferred Ascend Skincare oil serum. Organic ingredients were used in the production of this product, once again rejecting synthetic and artificial ingredients.

How to use: 

After cleansing and removing makeup, apply to the face for a soft, hydrated complexion. To lock in nourishment and moisture, use after our Ascend CBD Serums and Face Oils.

10. Rebalancing CBD Lustre Face Oil 

Our Rebalancing CBD Lustre Face Oil has been skillfully developed with lightweight plant extracts chosen for their molecular structure, which is remarkably similar to that of our skin’s natural oils.

Effective botanical extracts and essential fatty acids protect and nourish the skin while allowing it to breathe. Jojoba oil benefits the skin without clogging pores and acts as a soothing barrier to everyday skin damage.

How to use: 

This oil is best for oily and combination skin that requires a balance of oil production. Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural oils and aids in the regulation of oil production and sebum. Apply 3-5 drops as the last stage of your skincare routine.

All of these skincare products are vegan and expertly formulated with natural botanical extracts for a healthy, simple approach to skincare. Try these in your routine to see redness dissipate and glowing moisturised skin appear.