Most people have heard of CBD oil by now, but did you know you can get CBD skincare too? And it’s pretty incredible.

There are many breakthrough ingredients in the cosmetics world, from retinol to hyaluronic acid, but hemp-derived CBD (and hemp as a whole) has been used for thousands of years. Now, several scientific studies have demonstrated what people have been experiencing and explained exactly how CBD can soothe many skin issues, creating harmony and balance both on the surface and internally.

In this blog, we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know about this hero beauty ingredient. We’ll cover:

  • What is CBD skincare?
  • What does CBD skincare help with?
  • Does CBD skincare enter the bloodstream?
  • Will CBD skincare get me high?
  • How to choose a CBD skincare producT


Voyagecbd clarity range in green labeled bottles on a rick with a forest background

CBD skincare is, quite simply, skincare such as moisturisers, serums, face oils and eye creams, which contain CBD in the formulation. However, not all CBD skincare is created equal! There are many products out there with CBD listed on the label, but in reality, the amount used is minute. Some CBD skincare products contain CBD isolate (the refined form of the CBD molecule on its own), while others contain broad-spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil.

It’s well worth knowing that hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. So if you see a hemp skincare product, that does not necessarily mean it contains CBD oil. While hemp seed oil has many fantastic benefits for the skin (for example, it contains all 21 amino acids and what has been dubbed a ‘perfect ratio’ of omega 3 and 6, is anti-inflammatory and non-pore clogging), it does not offer the same benefits as CBD.



What does CBD skincare help with?

Just like when we take CBD internally, CBD skincare also interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECs). This is because the skin has its own ECs, present in every skin cell, which means keeping this working well is absolutely vital for good skin.

Our skin relies on something called ‘endocannabinoid tone’ to help regulate the normal function of the waterproof skin barrier – our first defence against microbes, UV rays, free radicals and pollution. When the skin’s ECs is not quite up to scratch, perhaps because of depleted levels of endocannabinoids which may occur due to lack of sleep, poor diet or stress, you might start seeing symptoms such as inflammation, dryness, visible signs of ageing and breakouts. Fortunately, cannabinoids like CBD support the ECS in its healthy function by elevating endocannabinoid levels, which helps to keep your skin in perfect balance.

Although research is still in the early days, there are studies echoing CBD skincare convert testimonials that CBD is great for skin issues such as acne and eczema. Preliminary findings suggest that CBD helps normalise excessive sebum production and assists with the turnover of new skin cells while reducing the effects of free-radical damage and many other processes. On a deeper level, CBD has been shown to work with keratinocytes, mast cells, melanocytes and sebocytes in the layers of the skin to produce lipostatic, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.


Does CBD skincare enter the bloodstream?

Skincare is topical, meaning these products are designed to target the top layers of the skin and not work internally. Of course, skin is a permeable membrane which means a little of everything you put onto your skin will find its way into your body, but when it comes to CBD, not really in any notable amounts. So using CBD skincare can’t replace your internal CBD oil wellness routine.

There are CBD products formulated to penetrate the skin and enter the body, such as gels, muscle balms and patches. These are called ‘transdermal’ products. These include permeation enhancers in the ingredients to allow this to happen.


Will CBD skincare get me high?

No form of CBD will get you high! Not even the stuff you take internally. So no, CBD skincare will definitely not get you high.


How to choose a CBD skincare product

CBD as an ingredient is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, so choosing the right CBD skincare product is just the same as choosing any other type of skincare.

In an ideal world, a skincare routine involves layering products – serum and eye creams first, followed by moisturiser and finally finishing off with a face oil to lock all that hydration in.

As well as CBD, look out for other hero ingredients to target your specific needs.

For spot-prone skin: Try a CBD product containing azelaic acid, which breaks up acne-causing blockages, and anti-inflammatory sea buckthorn oil, like the Voyager spot gel and clarity serum.

For ageing skin: Go for a CBD product with a hemp seed oil base, vitamin E and poppy seed oil, to support skin elasticity, like the Voyager Radiance moisturiser.

For dry skin: Drench your skin with nourishing oils and butters, such as shea, cacao, coconut and hemp. The Voyager Wonder Balm is perfect for deep hydration anywhere on the body.