For lots of people, getting in shape for the summer is a must. As the hot weather calls for t-shirts and shorts many of us feel that losing winter weight is the key to confidence and rocking bikini-season. The weather in the UK might still be temperamental at the moment, but if you’re anything like us at Voyager, you’ll be looking towards sunnier days ahead. It’s around now that millions of sun worshipers start to think about how they want to look this summer and many start working hard to achieve that look. Here at Voyager we want you to know that the first step to wellness is self-acceptance at any size, and that loving the skin you’re in doesn’t depend on how much weight you can lose for the summer months. Weight loss shouldn’t be the key to your happiness, but if you still want to lose weight then maybe CBD can help. In this blog post we’re looking at how CBD can help you to lose weight in a healthy way that’s kind to your body.

Isn’t all weight loss healthy?

It’s so easy to be taken in by the media that suggests that weight loss is the be all and end all of health, and that a slim person is healthier than someone larger than them. We’re here to tell you that this isn’t always true. Our health is personal. Things relating to our bodies are rarely one size fits all, so why would weight be? Fad diets will usually do your body more harm than good. In fact, they can often go hand in hand with eating disorders. Going hungry or starving your body of nutrients can’t help you, only eating a varied diet and feeding yourself the vitamins and minerals that you need can. 

Are you hungry? Eat! Listen to your body, if it’s asking for something it’s because you need it to go about daily life. The best advice we can give is for you to just be conscientious of what you are feeding it.

If you are concerned about your weight then it is far more productive to talk to a nutritionist or doctor rather than turning to toxic dieting practises.

Still want to lose weight?

Of course, this doesn’t mean working towards weight loss is inherently unhealthy either. We just want to help you to make sure that you do it in a positive way. Some research has suggested CBD may be able to help with this by working with your body’s natural resources to manage your metabolism.

One thing that we should clarify is that at Voyager we work exclusively with CBD isolate. This is CBD that has been separated from all the other cannabinoids in hemp, including THC. THC is the cannabinoid that causes the ‘high’, a psychoactive effect that, amongst other side effects, can increase appetite. 

Maybe you’ve heard of the ‘munchies’? At Voyager you don’t need to factor this in because our products contain no THC, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your daily dose won’t have you hankering for junk food. You can read more on the differences between CBD isolate and CBD that contains THC in our blog post on the subject.

Research suggests that CBD isolates can actually do the opposite. The research so far has been on animals, but it has been positive in that it shows to reduce appetite. Even more encouraging though, is the study that has investigated how CBD interacts with body fat.

Science explains that CBD can help break down fat – converting white fat cells into brown fat cells, which alters how these cells function in the body. It is thought that brown fat cells are a more active form of fat, they burn off energy as heat, which means that they actually burn calories – an essential part of weight loss. CBD may help weight loss if it turns white fat to brown fat in the body.

CBD may also be able to reduce the risk of metabolic disorders like high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. CBD may have huge potential in helping you feel healthy and well when it comes to weight!

Mental wellness is important too!

As we’ve already discussed, before you stake self-love on the size of your clothes, it’s important to keep your attitudes regarding health and weight in check. In the 21st century, we are being bombarded more than ever with impossibly slim people looking radiant and healthy while maintaining a tiny size. Alternatively, we see people with toned and defined muscle mass and very little body fat. It’s hard to ignore these images, especially if they’re paraded as the ideal body that you, and everyone around you, should be working towards.

If you’re trying to make progress with weight loss then it can be even harder to shut these pressures out, leading to negative self thinking and increased anxiety. According to research, CBD may also be effective against this by potentially helping you to relieve anxiety or help with depression. Read more on this in our blog on CBD and mental health.

Woman with Hemp Leaf

Before you get started

Before you rush off and buy some CBD to get your ideal summer body, it’s important to remember that weight loss is first and foremost achieved through healthy eating and regular exercise. Research has seen promising potential for CBD to make a fantastic supplement if used in conjunction with an established workout routine and healthy dietary habits, but without these two key things, CBD alone will unlikely provide results.

It’s also important to consider what CBD product suits you. If you’re trying CBD while you work towards weight loss then we recommend our CBD oil tinctures. They come in three strengths but if you’re a beginner then we would advise you start with a 500mg dose.

Our oils come in three flavours. If you’re saying goodbye for a while to sweets and sugary treats, then why not try our blood orange CBD oil? Fresh and sweet, maybe it could be the answer to your sugar cravings! Or maybe fresh peppermint flavour will keep you alert for an active day.

If you’re engaging in frequent workouts, then perhaps you’d also like to try Voyager muscle salve? It uses the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to soothe aching muscles making it ideal for post-workout use. Rosemary and mint give it an invigorating scent. For more uplifting post-workout CBD treatments, try our sweet orange and bergamot bath block! It’s perfect for a long hot soak that delights the senses while nourishing your muscles and skin.

If you’re about to start your weight loss journey then we wish you all the best! To do it healthily you might need to take the long way around, but if you’re empowering yourself and working with rather than against your body then it’ll all be worth it. 

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