CBD: Creating Beautiful Dishes

With the growing popularity of CBD and the many benefits it has to offer, it comes as no surprise that more and more
people are looking to incorporate this powerful compound into their lives. But where can you start? The truth is, we’ve
barely begun to understand the vast range of functions CBD carries out in the body and we can often be forgetful when
it comes to taking it daily. We think the most wholesome (and memorable) method of incorporating CBD into daily
routines is to infuse it into the meals you prepare at home. To that end, our content producer and resident food
enthusiast has put together a charming cookbook based on creating delicious and heart-warming dishes with the

What is CBD?

CBD is one of several cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant and is largely understood for its therapeutic
value. Research is still in its early stages, but we’ve already seen some striking results in its application as a plantbased food supplement and topical remedy. What it is not is a psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn’t get you high
and shouldn’t raise eyebrows when you talk about it to your grandma.

500mg Peppermint CBD

Why Cook with CBD?

We’ve found that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation as well as potentially help with symptoms of anxiety,
improve sleep, and much more. As a result, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a dietary supplement and cooking
with it is an effective way of making sure you get a daily dose while consuming homemade feel-good meals.

What can you make with CBD in the kitchen?

There are a couple of golden rules to follow when cooking with CBD. The first rule is to keep the temperature below 160-180°C.

When CBD is exposed to temperatures above this, the compound begins to degrade and thus loses its inherent qualities, making it less useful. In addition to this, CBD doesn’t perform well when exposed to extreme cold, so freezing your food for 24 hours or more is not advisable.

Lastly, to preserve the integrity of CBD oil, keep leftovers in a cool, dark place until mealtime. Bright sunlight will degrade the oil and result in reduced benefits to the body. Beyond these guidelines, CBD can be added to just about any meal you can imagine and you may find, in trying our favourite recipes, that it’s fun to experiment by incorporating the supplement into recipes of your own.

CBD and Seasoning

A Gift for Food Enthusiasts

Voyager’s new CBD cookbook is available for purchase in our online store as both a hardback and e-book and at our stores in
Dundee, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Each copy is beautifully produced with full-page food photography and useful
information about CBD dosage as well as fun facts about the dishes themselves making it an ideal gift for anyone
looking to experiment in the kitchen this Christmas.

CBD Cook Book and CBD Oil Bundle
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