Voyager CBD has tripled in size in only one year! We now have three brick and mortar CBD shops across Scotland in Dundee, Edinburgh and St Andrews. Inside these shops we sell all of Voyager’s CBD products along with an in-store only holistic range. We also have espresso machines and great tasting coffee from Unorthodox Roasters! Our coffees are made with a free pipette of CBD if the customer wants, for a chill caffeinated experience. 

Who better to describe our CBD shops than our amazing staff working in them. Here are some of their own opinions on what it’s like to work in a CBD shop. 

Voyager CBD Shop in DUndee
Dundee CBD Shop

Voyager Dundee

“Working for Voyager stands out as a great experience for me personally as there seems to be a lot of room for personal growth within the company which I really appreciate. Shortly after starting as a sales assistant I was approached by head office and offered a position as assistant manager for the Dundee store. I’d never had any experience in a management role before and I believe that the vote of confidence I was afforded in this promotion was of great benefit to my professional development. On top of that my love of writing became known within the company and as a result I am now frequently offered writing assignments to produce blog posts and articles for the company which, for me, is absolutely the direction I want to be moving in.

The Dundee store is situated in a lovely little part of the city, equidistant from the waterfront and the historic Auld Steeple at the centre of town. We have lots of really quirky shops on the same street as us and Slessor Gardens is only a stone’s throw away allowing for a lovely lunch time stroll when the weather is permitting! Close proximity to the train station also makes it a perfect pit stop for anyone looking to take a supply of CBD on their travels.

My favourite Voyager product at the moment is the CBD Clarity Moisturiser; I bought a bottle of it when I started working here and I’ve used it more or less every day since then. It leaves my skin feeling healthy and hydrated every time I use it and takes care of any blemishes that decide to pop up from time to time.”

Joseph – Assistant Manager
Voyager CBD Shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Edinburgh Holistic Range

Voyager Stockbridge, Edinburgh 

“Situated in the picturesque village of Stockbridge, my store is lucky enough to enjoy a close knit community with a bohemian vibe, despite facing a large amount of competition as the area is well known for its coffee shops. Our unique dual concept store/coffee shop is steadily building a solid reputation among the community. Voyager as a company, despite growing at speed remains very hands on from the CEO to the store staff, everyone feels valued and all accomplishments are celebrated. It is so exciting to be part of the company’s journey and work for a successful growing business which specialises in health and wellness. My favourite part of my role is hearing from customers that our products are greatly improving their quality of life and having a positive impact on their health. My favourite products are the cbd oils and edibles and also the eczema and psoriasis cream, the feedback I receive from customers buying these products is always amazing.”

Jennifer – Manager
Voyager CBD Shop St. Andrews
St Andrews CBD products

Voyager St Andrews 

“Voyager St Andrews is the flagship store in the Voyager’s chain. We are situated at 84C Market Street, with the sounds and smells of the sea only a stone throw away. The St. Andrews store is in a small town, meaning there really is a community feel walking around the place, and many customers have become our friends. 

Working for voyager is always a pleasure and not only are we a great team, but we are also great friends. A day in the job is always fun and full of laughter, both among the staff and customers. 

Inside the shop, if you want a chat and a coffee or information about CBD you will always feel comfortable and listened to. 

The benefits of working in St Andrews is it is a very multicultural town with people from all walks of life making for a vibrant place to work, with many friendly faces from all over the globe. It is a place people come to relax and unwind. A lot of our customers will just see the products in the window strolling through town and want to find out more information about it, which we are always happy and more than willing to help them understand how plant based products can really help them.”


The Voyager team in St Andrews have all given their favourite products and reasons for loving them. 

Sean says, “My favourite is the natural flavoured CBD oil because it helps to keep me calm when my mind is overactive. I really enjoy adding it to the vegan hot chocolate we serve in store” 

Amy says, “One of my favourite products is the cooling cream which helps so much with sore joints. This is my Mum and my Gran’s favourite too.”

Meghan says, “I love the clarity serum, it is so good for my blemish prone skin especially during the winter”

Tom says,  “ I love the oil and the lavender essential oils, both help me to calm down and have really helped in managing my anxiety.” 

To conclude, Voyager is growing fast and welcoming a lot of fun, amazing people into our community. We’re always open to people coming in curious to talk about CBD. Our shops offer not only an amazing selection of CBD products and holistic range but also great chat, a comfy environment, and delicious cbd coffee. Come by and say hello!