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Pet products formulated with Hemp Seed Oil

Voyager’s pet range consists of various pet products infused with cold-pressed hemp seed oil or made from hemp fabric. Our products are made to help promote the health and wellness of our pets through the use of the hemp plant.

Dog taking hemp seed oil
Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Voyager’s organic hemp seed oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds. Hemp Seed Oil is very high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as a natural anti-inflammatory. Hemp Seed Oil does not contain any THC and is not a psycho-active, making it safe for pets and humans to consume.

Many take hemp seed oil as a supplement to help support their health and wellness and reduce inflammation. Animals can also be given hemp seed oil for the same reasons. 

The Range 

Voyager Pets Products

Organic Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

Organic Hemp Seed Oil… That’s it! This natural oil can help pets with anxiety relief, aiding sleep, promoting hip and joint health and much more!

Organic Daily Hemp Dog Treats 

Chewable, raw dog treats made with 100% natural ingredients including hemp seed oil and ashwagandha extract. Rich in protein, fibre and Omegas 3, 6 & 9.

Hemp Shampoo for Pets

A calming, lavender-scented  shampoo with colloidal oatmeal and hemp seed oil for pets with sensitive, itchy skin.   

Pet Odour Neutralising Spritz

Neutralise odours, condition coats and soothe itchy skin with this coconut and hemp seed oil spritz. 

Hemp Paw and Nose Balm 

Moisturise and protect paws and noses with this coconutty paw balm infused with hemp seed oil. Made with natural ingredients and lick-safe. 

Hemp Dog Collars

Durable, stylish hemp collars made in four different pastel colours in sizes small, medium and large for any sized dog (or cat!). 

Hemp Dog Leads

Voyager leads made with hemp fibres in four different colours: Natural, Pink, Green, and Blue all matching the colours available for the hemp dog collars.

Hemp Dog Toys

Durable toys made with strong hemp fibres. Available in 7 different shapes all for dogs who love tug o’ war and fetch. 

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Hemp Dog Toys
Blue Hemp Collar
Green Hemp Lead


How Hemp Seed Oil Works

Hemp Seed Oil, much like fish oil, has many health benefits due to its high Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids content. These essential fatty acids help to balance the body’s inflammatory response and aid in the overall well-being of your pet.

Hemp Seeds

Made from Cold Pressed Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds derived from industrial hemp are cold pressed in a natural organic way of extracting the oil. This ensures the oil is as natural and organic as possible.

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Supports Immune System

Hemp Seed Oil contains gamma linoleic acid (Omega-6) which is a fatty acid that helps support the immune system. It also contains vitamins E and C as well as minerals magnesium, calcium and iron that help support general health. 

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Reduces Stress

Many people use hemp seed oil to help reduce their pet’s anxiety during times of stress like moving, fireworks, and separation anxiety. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Easy to Use

There are many ways to take or give hemp seed oil, orally through just the oil itself or give it to your pets in a treat form. Hemp seed oil has a naturally nutty taste that most pets enjoy!

What are the benefits for your pet?

Older Healthy Terrier Dog

Anxiety Relief 

Hemp seed oil has been known to help decrease anxiety and stress in pets. 

Sleep Aid 

Pets that cannot sleep well often benefit from hemp seed oil due to the stress relief and discomfort relief the oil gives them. 

Promotes Hip and Joint Health 

Hemp Seed Oil is high in fatty acids that can help reduce joint inflammation. Hemp seed oil is often recommended to senior dogs to help relieve some of their arthritis pain. 

Healthy Big Dog Happily Jumping

Soothes Itchy Skin 

Hemp seed oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits help to soothe itchy skin as well as moisturise the skin and coat. The hemp shampoo for pets helps to soothe itchy and sensitive skin on pets. 

Eases Digestion / Stimulates Appetite

Hemp seed oil can help relieve inflammation in the digestive system helping pets to have a better appetite and digest food better. 


About Voyager

Voyager sells products that are sustainable and promote health and well-being in both humans and pets. We are situated in Perth, Scotland with three shops in Edinburgh, Dundee, and St Andrews. We also work with over 130+ distributers around the UK.  While most of our range is for humans, Pet’s corner is our pet range that has been made with lots of love and care. 

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Reviews from Pet Owners


I absolutely love this collar! My dog has incredibly sensitive skin and his last collar gave him a HUGE hotspot and so far everything looks great under this one! Super soft and seems incredibly durable. Very happy with my purchase!

– Alix 


With a busy pet house of 4 cats (!) there is often stress between them. This hemp oil has perhaps mellowed this a little by adding a small amount to their food each day. As the cats are all elderly with joint issues I think this is helping too and the problems have not got any worse. Definitely worth a try!

– Beth 

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