Luke Trainer

with Voyager CBD 


Professional MMA Fight in Bellator , London on May 13th

Mornings like today after Boxing and Jujitsu my shoulders and neck take a beating! But this magical cream always seems to take the edge off by cooling down my muscles and helping them relax THANK YOU @voyagercbd for creating this 🙏🏼♥️🖖🏼- Luke on CBD Cooling Cream 

Luke Trainer, a professional MMA Fighter, has been training intensely for his fight on May 13th at Bellator. He takes Voyager CBD to help his recovery after long gym sessions and fight training each day. Luke loves the 500 mg Peppermint CBD Oil to help him sleep better and the CBD Cooling cream for sore muscles. He also loves using the CBD Body scrub for exfoliation in a nice relaxing bath!

Luke is also an avid dog lover with his own dog, Thai. He uses the Voyager Hemp Paw and Nose Balm to help Thai’s nose and paws stay moisturised and protected.

Stay tuned for May 13th for Luke’s fight at Bellator in London!

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