Ross Dickinson | Senior Production Technician at Voyager

When you pick up a Clinique moisturiser, or any Big Brand product, you’ll never know who was involved in all the steps to bring it to you. Voyager is different, they want you to know everything about them, from why they started the brand in the first place, to who is formulating the cosmetics and supplements you love so much.

From the initial spark of an idea to the finer details of blending and packaging, Voyager do it all themselves – a small but dynamic team in Perthshire, Scotland. And because of this, a whole lot of heart and soul goes into everything they do.

The Voyager products wouldn’t be as wonderful as they are without the help of Senior Production Technician, Ross Dickinson. So it’s time to introduce him to you properly, and give you the chance to find out what he’s all about. I had the delight of chatting with Ross to discover his story, which I now share with you…

What Brought You To Work At Voyager?

someone tending to plants and repotting them

A live-in job opportunity came up at the Comraich Natural Sanctuary in Argyll. I’d be living in a caravan, with no internet or phone, taking care of chickens, tending plants and helping create mindful gardens. Although a totally new direction for me, it sounded like dream! So I applied and got the role.

It was there that I first discovered my love for plants. There wasn’t much to do in my spare time other than read and speak to the knowledgeable people around me, so I decided to immerse myself in learning all about plants – I started to understand their incredible therapeutic properties and folklore, which was fascinating and showed me the world in a whole new light.

I soon began to make my own tinctures and balms, which looking back now were very rudimentary! Nothing like the quality I’ve been trained to create for Voyager today. But that process of working with the plants and understanding their unique qualities opened my eyes to the possibilities. I knew I wanted to explore this further, so when I saw the position become available with Voyager, helping to make plant-based health and wellness products, it felt like the perfect fit. And it is!

What Does Your Work Day Look Like?

Every day is different, but I always start each morning by checking my emails and chatting with my Manager, Emily McDonnell (Formulations and Manufacturing Manager) to prioritise the day’s tasks.

Once I’m in the lab, I can start doing what I love the most – making the products! We’ve got such incredible ingredients to work with, and the formulations created by the talented Emily, are such a joy to bring to life.

What Is Your Greatest Success At Voyager

There are so many amazing products that I have been involved in making during my time here, from our Ascend Skincare Range to our Hemp Dog Shampoo.

But if I had to choose I would say one of our greatest successes has undoubtedly been the creation of the Soothing Cream. It took a few tries to refine the process of getting this cream correct.

I love it when customers get in touch to tell us how much this product has improved their skin conditions.

What Are Your Favourite Botanicals?

I love all plants! 🪴

However there’s a special place in my heart for Cornflower and Calendula, which are both soothing, anti-inflammatory and make for some beautifully rich pigments. I grow both in my garden at home.

I loved learning about the folklore behind them too, which is rich in symbolism

Have You Had Your Own CBD Journey?

I take a lot of natural supplements for my wellbeing as I can struggle at times with anxiety, so CBD has been instrumental in my life for the past 5 years.

I always start my day with a few drops of oil (The Voyager Orange and Lemon flavour is my fav!) and find that it really helps keep me in balance – that alongside my partner and dog, Isla.

What Have You Learned While Working With Voyager?

blending plant ingredients to create flawless natural products/cosmetics

So much! I had no idea how strict the regulations are when formulating cosmetics for commercial sale, especially when working with CBD and hemp. I’ve also learned an enormous amount about how to blend ingredients perfectly to create flawless products that are consistent every time.

The techniques are very different to what I use at home when making 5 jars of balm – here, I could be making make up 2000 high quality products in a couple of weeks for our while label clients.

What's Next For You At Voyager?

After 10 months at Voyager I am delighted to have been recently promoted to Senior Production Technician. Our team is starting to grow as we develop more products not just for Voyager but also for our private clients.

As we go forward I am excited to share my knowledge with new team members Also to use the skills I’ve learnt along the way to create brand new formulations that could have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

lab - plant based cosmetics being made - voyager brand