If you’re a pre-menopausal person with a uterus you likely experience periods each month. Unless you’re one of the lucky few, you will have probably also experienced some of the negative symptoms associated with our “time of the month”. Periods, and the menstrual cycle in general is something that has become celebrated and more openly talked about in recent years, and while this is a good thing, it doesn’t ease the pain of one of the most common of these symptoms – menstrual cramping.

Period pain can range from slight discomfort and cramping to sometimes debilitating pain for those with conditions like endometriosis. In this blog we’re going to take a look at how CBD might be able to ease period pain, as well as other negative symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) like pain, acne flare ups and mood swings. 

CBD and period pain

When it comes to period pain, many people are looking for ways to deal with this pain in a more holistic way than traditional over the counter medicine such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.  CBD is not a substitute to medicine, but if you are looking for other ways to deal with the symptoms, there are a number of our products (both with oral or topical CBD) which may help.

CBD is thought to help pain by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS works like a chemical messaging system in the body, signaling cells in response to certain stimuli. Receptors receive these signals, and these receptors can cause your body to feel pain as a result. 

CBD can work with your existing ECS to help with pain management and help your body experience less chronic pain. A scientific review found that CBD was effective in overall pain management. This is good news for those of us with period pain, as taking CBD throughout your period could potentially help you to manage period pain.

How about trying a nice hot relaxing bath with one of our CBD bath blocks?  Lots of people who experience cramps already find turning to a hot bath to be a help in easing pain. The hot water will soothe your aches and cramps and help the CBD absorb into your skin. The calming scent of our Lavender and Frankincense bath block will help you relax and take some well deserved rest. Inhaling those essential oils such as frankincense can help put the mind and body at ease.

If you would prefer something to take orally, why not try our CBD gummies?  Not only will you have the benefit of the 25mg of CBD in each carefully measured gummy, but it could also satisfy some of those sugar cravings which so often go hand in hand with your period! 

Woman with hands on face

CBD and acne flare ups

Along with the pain associated with periods, other issues could be helped with CBD such as hormonal breakouts. Many people who menstruate will have hormonal breakouts, especially around the chin area, which come back month after month causing pain and self-consciousness.  CBD is celebrated for its potential as an excellent anti-inflammatory so when applied topically, CBD could help reduce the redness and swelling of spots. Take a look at our other blog post to learn more information about CBD and acne. 

CBD and mood swings

Many people who menstruate find that their negative symptoms aren’t just physical. Mood swings can also be a common problem just before or during our period. Mood swings are caused by our hormones going through changes and they can manifest as heightened anxiety, feeling tearful, or feeling extra emotionally-sensitive. Even though these mood changes are natural, they can feel very unpleasant and can get in the way of day to day life. 

Ongoing research has been looking positive when it comes to the potential of CBD to be beneficial for people depression and anxiety, and when talking about periods and PMS, many women have expressed that CBD helped with their PMS-induced low moods during their period. CBD isolate can help us to feel more mentally relaxed and balanced. You can learn more about CBD and mental health is this blog post.

Finding the right product for you

A number of companies have come out with period specific CBD products, such as CBD infused tampons, but there is no reason that you cannot use the CBD products you may already have to help, or to try products that you can use outside of your period too for overall wellness.  Our natural CBD oil, for instance, could be taken orally, but could also be used as an oil to gently massage into your lower abdomen. CBD is not a cure all, but it may help you navigate some unpleasant symptoms of PMS. CBD is such a versatile ingredient, that however you prefer to take it, there’s a lot of potential to reap its benefits.