Bonfire Night is fast approaching and, for some canine companions, that means an evening of potential panic and undue stress. Here are five simple tips on how to help your dog keep calm during fireworks displays.

1. Create a Safe Space

Naturally, your beloved dog is going to want to hide when the fireworks start to burst. Prepare an enclosed place in each room of the house where they can easily hide as a source of comfort. Have a TV or radio on in each room if possible to create ambient noise to help lessen the abrupt sound of fireworks and be sure to line each hiding place with plenty of blankets to keep them warm. The key point here is to give your pup options. Don’t confine them to one room as this may make them even more stressed and they could cause themselves injury while trying to get out. Allow them the run of the house but be sure to securely lock all exits so they won’t run out to the street in a panic.

Dog Sleeping

2. Act Natural

Dogs are social animals and they can pick up on moods and changes easily so it’s important to try and act as normal as possible during the fireworks. Aside from preparing spaces for them beforehand, do everything you would normally do on an evening at home. Watch TV, make dinner, and generally go about your business. Of course, you can and should comfort and engage with your dog if they’re stressed but try not to panic as a response to seeing them panic as this will likely just make matters worse. The more you can stick to your regular routine, the more your dog will manage to settle as they realise there’s nothing to worry about.

Acting Natural with Dog

3. Chew Toy

Just as we bite our nails when we’re nervous, dogs love a good chew when they’re feeling on edge. Stock up on some durable chew toys to tide them over for the occasion. If you’re trying to tone down your household plastic consumption (quite right), opt for a durable, natural material when it comes to selecting a chew toy. Voyager stocks a range of seven chew toys made of 100% natural hemp. A climate-positive choice with the added bonus of anti-bacterial properties, these chew toys make for an ideal distraction for your pet pooch.

Dog playing Tug o War

4. Hemp Seed Oil 

Though the research on the subject is slim at the moment, hemp seed oil supplements have the potential to help your dog’s anxiety which could in turn ease any stress they may experience on Bonfire Night. Waves of anecdotal evidence have linked the regular intake of hemp seed oil to a reduction in anxious behaviour in dogs and cats so it’s certainly worth adding it into your pets daily routine. Hemp seed oil for dogs also has the added benefit of aiding joint mobility and improving coat condition due to its high omega content. Voyager provides two options for hemp seed oil supplements for animals: the liquid oil form and a box of infused dog treats.

Dog taking hemp seed oil

5. Visit a Vet

If your dog experiences extreme stress when fireworks are going off and nothing else seems to do the trick, it’s time for a trip to the vet. Voyager staff make no claims on being medical professionals and in extreme circumstances we’d always defer to veterinarian knowledge to see what kind of solutions are available.

Vet and Dog

Ultimately, Bonfire Night is never an easy time for household pets so above all else make sure the situation is approached with compassion and pay close attention to the needs of your four legged friends.