Pets' Corner

Cold Pressed Hemp Infused Pet Products and Accessories


Voyager’s pet range includes grooming supplies, collars, leads and supplements made from the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil contains high amounts of Omega 3, 6 and 9 making it a nourishing ingredient to use in grooming products in addition to being a valuable health supplement. Hemp seed oil may help treat pet anxiety, aid sleep, relieve pain and support joint health.



Hemp for Pets

Voyager pet products are made with organic natural ingredients focusing on sustainability whilst giving your pets the premium healthcare they deserve.

Pets at Work

We’re huge pet lovers here at Voyager with more pets than employees! Pets are always welcome in our shops. You’ll find water bowls outside and just ask our staff for a treat for your dogs.  We even have several office dogs: Charlie, Jasper and Bob!  We know full well just how important using the right products for your best friends can be. Voyager values creating safe, premium products for your pets that you can always trust.

Voyager Pets Corner - a tortoise in the long grass next to a bottle of voyagers hemp seed oil for pets
Office Buddies
Dog getting Bath

Over 100+ Retailers & Distributors

Voyager products are stocked in pet shops across the UK. We work with over 100 retailers and distributors and are always looking for more!

Award-Winning Shampoo 

In March 2022, Voyager’s Hemp Shampoo for Pets won the grooming product award at PATS Sandown! Here’s what the judges had to say:

“This is a completely different product from others on the market, giving it a unique selling point. It’s also eco-friendly and sustainable.”

Cocker Spaniel