Our pets have all of the qualities of a great friend – they’re loyal, affectionate, and they’ve supported us through the pandemic. It’s our opinion that we give back to these fluffy bundles of love and make sure they’re getting the care that they deserve.

But what’s the best gift you can give your pet? They can’t tell us what they need, but you can be pretty sure that feeling calm and well is top priority when it comes to giving your dog or cat care.

We talked recently on this blog about how Hemp Seed Oil can benefit humans in a number of ways. But did you know that if you’re a proud pet owner of a dog or a cat you can support their wellbeing with Hemp Seed Oil too? It’s not just for people, our pet range is all about using this versatile oil to keep your furry friend healthy and happy in a number of ways.

This week we’re talking all about Hemp Seed Oil and your pets – how it can help them and if adding it to your pet’s routin as a food supplement or an external product is right for you both.

Can Hemp Seed Oil be dangerous for Pets?

Hemp Seed Oil, as you might have already guessed, comes from the Hemp Plant. For those new to hemp and CBD products, you might have some concerns or questions. Some may wonder if giving Hemp Seed Oil to your pet might get them ‘high’ as they would be if you were to give them marijuana. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Crucially, Hemp Seed Oil does not contain THC, the property in Cannabis plants causes psychoactive side effects. Pure cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil has no THC present in it, so it can’t get your pet high.

In fact, none of our products at Voyager contain THC – not even our CBD products. You can feel safe knowing that you can look after yourself and your pet without compromising either of your mental states.

Adding Voyager Hemp Seed Oil for Pets to your pet’s food or using Paw Balm externally is safe. More than that, Hemp Seed Oil is full of nutrients that can support pet health, making giving it to your pet a good idea!

Hemp Seed Oil

Looking After Their Health

So what exactly can Hemp Seed Oil do for your pet? Time to look at the exact ways your pet could benefit from Hemp Seed Oil in their diet or on their paws. To make this clear and easier, we’ll break this down into internal (ingested) applications and external (applied topically) applications.

Benefits of adding Hemp Seed Oil to your pet’s diet:

Improves joint mobility Hemp Seed Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a natural response to injuries, allergies, and more. However, inflammation can get out of hand and start to limit mobility and cause stiff, sore joints. Hemp Seed Oil as a nutritional supplement can help regulate this response. These natural fatty acids can help your pet’s body find a place of balance so they can protect themselves while still getting a high quality of life. If your pet is suffering from stiff or sore joints, Hemp Seed Oil may help them move again freely and with less discomfort.

Soothes anxiety when our pets get anxious when they’re left alone without their human companion. Hemp Seed Oil has been shown to keep stress levels down in humans and pets. This can also help with sleep quality.

Supports skin and coat health with fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that can give your pet’s coat a bit of extra shine. Humans also use Hemp Seed Oil for skin care because it can work wonders for skin, adding hydration and soothing inflammation. It’s great for your pet in the same way, helping them look and feel great.

Boosts immune system nutritious Hemp Seed Oil is also great for preventative health care. Omega-3 can help pets regulate inflammatory response, blood pressure and more. Hemp Seed Oil also a omega-6 fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA can really help with various bodily functions, and good GLA levels may even help prevent serious and common health issues.


Topical care on paws and noses:

Pet’s need moisturiser too! Our new Voyager Paw Balm means it’s now possible to use pure organic Hemp Seed Oil to look after pets on the outside as well as on the inside. Hemp Seed Oil is great for human skin because it can provide intense hydration in just small amounts.

Relieve and Soothe dry and cracked paws rough surfaces and harsh weather conditions can be tough on exposed paw pads. Paw balm can provide some relief with fatty acids helping pet paws heal and providing a protective barrier.

Paw Balm

Is Hemp Seed Oil right for my pets?

Adding Hemp Seed Oil to your pet’s daily routine is a great, inexpensive way to improve overall health and boost their quality of life. Adding Hemp Seed Oil to each meal means that their bodies can use it day to day, but if you cook your pet’s food, make sure you only add the oil at the end after cooking.

If your pet is unwell, it is always the best idea to consult with your veterinarian rather than try to fix the problem yourself. Hemp Seed Oil is intended to give your pet an extra boost and prevent medical problems – not treat or cure them.

If you think that Hemp Seed Oil might be right for your pet then there’s no better place to start than right here! At Voyager, our pet range makes wellness for your animal companion affordable and accessible.

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