CBD: Creating Beautiful Dishes Cookbook


CBD:Creating Beautiful Dishes by Joseph Hood for Voyager CBD.

This vibrant recipe book makes a great gift in conjunction with a CBD oil. It features recipes like CBD French Toast, CBD Bombay Potatoes, CBD Mushroom Oat Risotto and CBD Cookies and Cream cake bites. Feeling hungry yet? Why not try a CBD recipe to liven up a meal!


Get creative with your CBD with these delicious recipes! This Voyager CBD Cookbook holds recipes for breakfast, light dishes, main dishes, condiments, desserts and beverages. It also features a detailed dosage chart for Voyager’s CBD Oil and an explanation of how CBD reacts in the endocannabinoid system.

Made with vibrant, mouth-watering photos of dishes, this cookbook is bound to be the spotlight of the kitchen! It is available in both Hardback with silver coil binding or in a downloadable PDF.

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