Earn unique vouchers, rewards, and special offers with the Voyager Rewards Program.

Stay loyal to wellness with Voyager Rewards. Earn points with each purchase and redeem special rewards with saved points.

Voyager Rewards Card

Earn Points and Redeem Voyager Rewards

Each purchase made as a registered Voyager Rewards user will earn you points that can be used to redeem rewards and rise in tiers!

Once registered with the Voyager Rewards app, you are given a unique QR code that is scannable in-store. You can also obtain a rewards card in any of our Voyager shops (available in March). Online rewards can be redeemed through the app.


Once you are registered with the Voyager Rewards program, you can view your available points in the app. Points are earned with every Voyager purchase you make. Save up points in order to redeem special rewards and vouchers. Overall points made are counted toward the tiers system which allowed you to be upgraded into higher tiers with more points that you earn. 

Earn Points Through Actions

You can also earn points by completing special actions including: 

  • Registering in the Voyager rewards app. + 50 Points 
  • Fill out your details in the app. + 100 Points
  • Refer a friend. + 100 Points
  • Leave a review. + 100 Points 
Voyager Points
Voyager Points


Earn rewards by saving up points with every purchase made. You can redeem special rewards in the Voyager Rewards app depending on the number of points you have available. Rewards can be redeemed both in-store and online!

Rewards can include:

  • 50% Natural CBD Oil
  • £5 off voucher
  • 20% off any hot drink in-store

Rewards are subject to change each month. Special offers will also be added for special occasions.

Rise in tiers to earn more points and special rewards!

There are four tiers available for Voyager Rewards users to rise up in. After earning a certain number of points, your tier will be upgraded giving you special rewards available to that tier. You can also gain more points for each £1 spent.

Voyager Tier One
Pioneer Tier Two
Explorer Tier Three
Globe Trotter Tier Four

Voyager Tiers are only available if the customer has made a purchase within the last 365 days. Rewards and special offers are subject to change each month. 

Voyager Rewards App

Download the Voyager Rewards App for rewards available right at your fingertips! The app allows you to see your available points and up-to-date rewards whenever you want!

Rewards Log In App

Log In or Register to see points and rewards. Enter your email address and a unique code will be sent to your email for verification.

Voyager Rewards app front page

Find your Unique QR Code and points at the top of the app’s front page. Use the QR code in any Voyager shop to scan and earn points with your purchase! Scroll down to see available rewards.

Redeem Rewards in App

Press on a reward to go to claim the reward. If you are shopping in a Voyager shop, scan the QR code from claiming the reward to gain your discount or offer. If shopping online, a unique coupon code will be sent to your email after claiming the rewards. Apply the coupon code when you are ready to purchase.