CBD Neck + Décolleté Ceramide Cream

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Experience Ascend by Voyager’s Neck + Décolleté Ceramide Cream, your tailored solution for rejuvenating the often overlooked neck and décolleté areas in your skincare regimen. Infused with 7 botanical extracts and 200mg of hemp-derived CBD, this cream delivers precise hydration and nourishment while actively repairing and shielding against UV-induced free radical damage.

Crafted with a smart blend of plant-based oils, it fortifies the skin’s natural defenses and stimulates collagen and elastin production. Handmade in small batches using organic ingredients, our vegan and cruelty-free formula is free from mineral oils, artificial fragrances, and silicones.

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Ascend by Voyager’s Neck + Décolleté Ceramide Cream blends nature’s finest ingredients to revive and replenish your skin. Infused with poppy seed oil, rich in ceramides and Omega 6, it enhances the absorption of active compounds, leaving your skin luxuriously smooth.

Key Ingredients

  • Pomegranate seed oil, boasting rare Omega 5 and ellagic acid, acts as a potent antioxidant, energising the skin and boosting collagen production.
  • Hemp seed oil, abundant in Omegas 3, 6 & 9, and gamma-linoleic acid, helps to maintain the skin’s natural balance.
  • Hyaluronic acid, a moisture-locking marvel, promotes hydration and enhances skin elasticity.
  • Tannic acid, derived from oak wood, visibly tightens the skin, diminishing signs of aging like loss of tone and fine lines.
  • Lemon verbena extract lends a refreshing citrus touch, toning the skin and fortifying its natural defences.

Together, these meticulously chosen ingredients work in harmony to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your neck and décolleté area.



Generously apply to clean, dry neck and décolleté for a deeply hydrating experience.


Aqua, Papaver somniferum (Poppy) seed oil, Punica granatum (Pomegranate) seed oil, Glycerin, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) seed oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside, Terpineol, Cannabidiol, Sodium hyaluronate, Lippia citriodora (Lemon verbena) leaf oil, Panicum miliaceum (Millet) seed extract, Tannic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sorbic acid, Citral*, Limonene*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*
*Naturally present in botanical extracts


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