Flawless Everyday Collection


A collection of blemish-fighting, nourishing skincare products aimed at fighting acne through natural ingredients. Consists of the Voyager clarity range including the CBD Clarity Moisturiser, CBD Clarity Serum, and CBD Spot Gel.

CBD Clarity Moisturiser

Upgrade your skincare routine with this premium blemish-busting moisturiser. 

Voyager’s 400mg CBD Clarity Moisturiser is made with pure CBD isolate and contains no traces of THC.

Best paired with the CBD Clarity skincare range including CBD Clarity Serum and CBD Clarity Spot Gel.

Contains 400mg of CBD in a  100ml bottle

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CBD Spot Gel

Specially formulated spot gel. Anti-inflammatory CBD is combined with natural azelaic acid, which is commonly used for the the removal of bacteria from the pores, resulting in the effective reduction of future breakouts. The blemish-busting formula also reduces the appearance of blemishes and balances skin tone promoting confidence in the face of those pesky plooks.


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CBD Clarity Serum

Nourish, protect and re-balance blemish-prone skin with this natural clarity serum. Moisturising aloe vera is combined with natural blemish-busting ingredients such as cedarwood oil, lemon oil, sea buckthorn, tea tree, lavender oil and anti-inflammatory CBD isolate in a portable amber glass bottle for easy application. A high-end addition to any skincare regimen to restore moisture to the skin whilst fighting future breakouts before they can appear.

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Start everyday and end every night with flawless skin care from Voyager's CBD Clarity range. The CBD Clarity range focuses on acne-targeting ingredients to help fight breakouts. The collection includes the CBD Moisturiser, CBD Serum, and CBD Spot Gel.




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