Good Hair Day Gift Set


Our small batch, handmade CBD shampoo and eco-friendly bamboo box set will make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who cares about their hair and the environment. Choose from our 3 shampoo types – Shine, Clarify or Stimulate and we will pair with our bamboo shampoo box. This box is not only sustainable but it will keep the shampoo bar, dry and clean between uses.


Choose from your Shampoo Type:

  • Shine
    If you’re hair is looking for a little extra shine and lustre then choose our Shine CBD Shampoo Bar. Formulated with 100mg CBD, provitamin B%, vitamin E for nourishment and wheat protein which helps strengthen chemically damaged hair, improves elasticity and controls moisture loss. This sustainable shampoo is silicone free due to broccoli seed oil acting as a natural silicone replacement for adding shine to hair – scented with ylang ylang and frankincense it will leave the hair feeling sweet and floral.
    Contains 100mg CBD
  • Stimulate
    Stimulate the scalp for hair growth and added blood flow with our Stimulate Shampoo Bar. Formulated with CBD, roasted coffee and rosemary oil to help promote blood flow to the scalp and encourage faster hair growth. This popular shampoo bar also contains nettle oil for scalp health whilst adding shine and volume to damaged hair. The rosemary oil will also to leave hair smelling naturally fresh.
    Contains 100mg CBD
  • Clarify
    The Clarify Shampoo Bar helps to cleanse hair of product buildup and oils with natural ingredients including activated charcoal and CBD. Activated charcoal and CBD work together to help naturally detoxify the scalp promoting scalp health, hair growth and protect form environmental damage, all whilst leaving your leaving hair soft and shiny with weightless volume….it’s a win win!
    Contains 100mg CBD

Additional information

CBD Shampoo Bar

Shine, Clarify, Stimulate


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