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Hemp Reusable Face Cloths


Face cloths meant for washing off dirt and makeup. Made with strong, premium hemp that can be reused over and over again.

Ideal for the eco-conscious without sacrificing comfort and quality.

Face clothes come in a pack of 3.


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Embrace eco-friendly materials with this set of premium hempen face cloths. Natural hemp fibre is spun into highly durable thread which is then woven together with organic cotton into these elegant essentials. Ideal for cleansing the skin of dirt and makeup while still being perfectly soft for sensitive skin. Hemp fabric also holds the added benefit of being anti-bacterial in nature making for a far more hygienic option than a synthetic face cloth.

Why use hemp?
Hemp is a sustainable crop that is not water intensive like cotton and grows very fast; within 90 -120 days from seed to plant. Hemp thrives without pesticides making it a great crop to grow organically. Not only does the hemp plant provide amazing medicinal properties, it also has many uses as paper, fabrics, pet products, supplements, and even concrete and plastic. Voyager chooses to use hemp in our products to promote further sustainability and show the many uses that can come from the hemp plant.



Use face cloths regularly to help cleanse face and body. The hemp is durable enough to be reused daily and washed regularly like a regular wash cloth.

Soft enough to use on sensitive skin.

Machine washable.


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