Posh Pet Gift Set


It is the season for pampering our pets so why not treat them to them to our Posh Pet Duo set. Our neutralising spritz made with hemp seed oil and coconut will not only keep them smelling sweet, the natural moisturisers will leave their fur feeling super soft and fresh. Our paw and nose balm contains added aloe vera to help keep the paws and nose nourished whilst easing irritations and aid healing.


  • Made with hemp seed oil and coconut, our odour neutralising spritz helps refresh your pet’s coat between washes. The protein rich hemp seed oil and moisturising coconut are ideal for maintaining the condition of their coat. No rinsing or washing is required after application.
  • Our Paw Balm is made with organic hemp seed oil, which is a powerful natural moisturiser and can alleviate irritation, with added aloe vera which aids healing and has anti-inflammatory properties. Naturally scented with coconut oil and with added Vitamin E. Apply to dry or cracked paw pads and noses to soothe and relieve as well as providing a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions and rough surfaces.
  • Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and its many potential benefits for your pets include helping the joint movement, improving coat condition, reducing anxiety, aiding sleep, strengthening their immune system and reducing skin irritation. Hemp seed oil is a natural alternative to tablets and other supplements.


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