Shampoo Bar and Dish Bundle


Cleanse hair sustainably with the CBD Shampoo bar. Coming in three different scents and benefits, our Voyager shampoo bars are made from naturally derived ingredients and premium CBD high in antioxidants.

Paired with a bamboo shampoo bar dish to keep shampoo bars in clean condition and dry when not being used.

After using the shampoo bar to cleanse hair, leave it in the dish to dry fully before the next use. This will help the shampoo bar last an even longer time, giving you more hair washes out of one bar.

Clarifying CBD Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar Dish


Choose from the following Shampoo Bars: 

Clarity CBD Shampoo Bar 

The Clarity CBD Shampoo bar is formulated with activated Charcoal and anti-inflammatory CBD to help cleanse hair and scalp and remove product buildup. This gives the hair extra shine and more volume that leaves hair feeling weightless and bouncy.


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