Shampoo Bar Dish


Bamboo Shampoo Bar Dish helps to keep our Voyager Shampoo Bars clean and dry in the shower. Leave bar in the dish after use to fully dry and stay in clean condition. Made with bamboo and large enough to fit not only our shampoo bars but also most soap bars and bath blocks.
Container keeps the rest of your bathtub or shower clean from soap residue and adds a natural touch with bamboo finishing.

Engraved with Voyager’s logo. 


Shampoo Bar Container is made to perfectly fit the Voyager shampoo bars. Can contain other soap bars and bath blocks as well. Save your bathtub from dreaded soap scum and keep your shampoo bars dry and clean.



Leave the container on edge of the bathtub or shower to contain shampoo bars. After using shampoo bars or soap bars, leave them in the container to fully dry before the next use.

Made from Bamboo with Voyager Logo on the top lid. 


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