The Vista Series Vape Pen


The Vista Series Vape Pen’s design is stunningly simplistic with sleek stylishness in 2 contemporary colours, an open aperture collar for cartridge protection and visibility of the cartridge contents. Besides the stunning design, the Vista series is powered by a premium-grade battery, so you’ll never have to compromise style with performance and durability.

For added convenience, each purchase comes with a chic and discreet carrying case for protection on the go (17.78 cm L x 8.64 cm W x 3.81cm D)

Available in 2 colours:
Electric Blue or Olive


  • Protected cartridge drop-in design
  • Fits Infused Amphora effects-based CBD vape oil cartridges and most 510 thread carts
  • All Amphora vape pens contain built-in rechargeable, non removable 320mAH lithium-ion batteries.
  • Unrivalled airflow
  • 3-LEDs indicate battery life and voltage settings
  • Charging cable included
  • Dimensions: 10.92 cm L x 1.27 cm D | Weight 30g


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Additional information


Electric Blue, Olive


With every purchase of an Infused Amphora vape pen or vape battery you will receive an Infused Amphora CBD oil vape device powered by Vessel Technology, a magnetic charger and quick start guide.


Infused Amphora vape pens and batteries were designed to try and accommodate most 510 thread vape pen cartridges. We recommended using Infused Amphora cartridges with your Amphora vape pen as they were designed specifically for the device in mind and contain safe, quality ingredients you can trust.

Amphora vape pens and vape batteries are designed for moderate/casual consumers in mind and should easily last a week or longer. Heavy users may find that they need to charge the battery at a more frequent rate.

Both CBD vape pen inhalation devices and CBD oil vape cartridges should be stored ideally in a safe place at room temperature. For added convenience, each purchase comes with a chic and discreet carrying case for protection on the go.


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