Voyager Gua Sha


Voyager engraved Green Gua Sha for contouring the face and lymphatic drainage. Use with serum or face oil for facial massage.

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Voyager engraved Gua Sha stone for lymphatic drainage. Gua Sha benefits include improving circulation, relaxing facial tension, reducing sinus pressure, increasing collagen production and elasticity of the skin and increasing the absorption of skincare products.

Gua Sha stems from an ancient Chinese therapy of scraping the skin with long and short strokes in order to bring more circulation to the area using a smooth stone instrument. The practice is intended to move stagnant “chi” or energy in the body that practitioners believed was the cause of inflammation. In modern days, Gua Sha is still used to promote circulation in the body but also on the face.

Use the stone with an oil or serum of your choosing. This could be used with the CBD Clarity serum for the face or the CBD massage oil for the body. Use both long and short strokes after applying an oil or serum so there is enough slip and no tugging on the skin.

For more de-puffing benefits, leave tools in the freezer for a few minutes before massaging the face. The coolness will help reduce puffiness.


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