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Voyager CBD sells premium CBD Oils and Edibles made with CBD Isolate that is THC-Free and UK Compliant. Support your wellness with a daily dose of CBD however you like!


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Find Voyager CBD’s collection of Flavoured CBD Oils in three different strengths and three flavours. Voyager also offers delicious and effective CBD Gummies and CBD Soft Gels for easy dosage and daily use.


500mg Peppermint CBD Oil (30ml)


500mg Blood Orange CBD Oil (30ml)


500mg Natural CBD Oil (30ml)

1500mg Peppermint CBD Oil (30ml)

1500mg Natural CBD Oil (30ml)

3000mg Natural CBD Oil (30ml)

25mg CBD Gummies (pack of 30)

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30mg CBD Soft Gels (30 Capsules)

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CBD Facts

What are the benefits of CBD?


Supported Sleep

CBD Users have reported falling asleep easier and sleeping better after using CBD.


Pain Relief

High doses of CBD have been reported by users to help support relief of chronic pain.

Soothe skin


CBD Is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce overall inflammation.


Anxiety Relief

1 in 3 CBD Users use CBD to help relieve anxiety and high stress.


Joint Support

CBD Users have reported using CBD both topically and orally for joint pain relief.

Soothe Skin

Soothe Skin

Topical CBD is often used to help soothe dry skin and conditions including eczema and psoriasis.


Improved Mood

CBD Users often use CBD to help improve overall mood.


Muscle Recovery

Many athletic CBD Users use CBD to help support muscle recovery and relieve pain.


Reduces Acne

Topical CBD can help reduce inflammation and redness from acne.

About Us

Providing health and wellness products since 2021

Voyager CBD started in 2020 to help promote health and wellness through CBD. Our CBD product range is formulated with 99% pure isolate extracted from hemp plants grown in the fertile soil of Colorado, they’re free from THC, accurately labeled, and compliant with all relevant regulations. Our company prides itself on trust, integrity, and quality, placing customer satisfaction above all else to offer peace of mind in a rapidly growing and often misunderstood industry.

Voyager Employee


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