A new product range is coming to Voyager shops online and offline. Our new skincare range is full of natural ingredients meant to sooth, heal, and prevent breakouts. We also have products meant for tattoos, eczema, and psoriasis. Some of our main ingredients include coconut oil, sheabutter, vitamin E, and aloe vera. All meant to heal, prevent acne, and soften skin. 


All our skin products are infused with CBD and are 100% THC free. This means you can use them everyday for your skin care regime. CBD is said to help skin to fight inflammation by reacting with our endocannabinoid system that regulates inflammation in the body. This can help with redness and reduce inflamed, itchy skin. CBD is also known to also ease pain, swelling, and redness from skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.  


Face Products

Clarity Moisturiser

Contains 400mg CBD

Our new clarity moisturiser is made to help blemish prone skin stay moisturised without causing breakouts. It contains coconut oil meant for healing and keeping skin moisturised. Oatmeal extract to reduce redness and skin irritation. Shea butter which has antioxidants with anti aging properties and helps fight skin breakouts. Vitamin E is added to help fight UV rays damage as well as hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and speed up wound healing.  

The clarity moisturizer leaves a nice minty feeling on the skin created by tea tree oil with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This product is great for creating a barrier from the harsh winter cold and city pollution. 

Clarity Serum 

Contains 300mg CBD

Our clarity serum can be used after washing your face in order to put back essential oils and vitamins into your skin. This product contains aloe vera which can help soothe irritation, moisturise skin, and reduce infection and acne. It also contains tea tree extract meant to fight acne. Lavender oil and cedarwood oil is added to lessen acne and reduce wrinkles.Use this product in combination with our Clarity Moisturiser to fully combat breakouts and soothe irritated skin.  


CBD Spot Gel 

Contains 500mg CBD

Our CBD spot gel can be used to fight acne right at the source. Put a small amount over blemishes in order to reduce swelling and fight off bacteria. Our spot gel contains Azelaic Acid which can balance skin tone, combat redness and texture, regulate sebum, and help heal the appearance of acne marks. It also contains vitamin A meant to help with sun damage and collagen.

Body Products

eczema cream and tattoo balm

Eczema & Psoriasis Cream 

Contains 500mg CBD

For people with eczema and psoriasis, inflammation can be a very big issue. Our eczema & psoriasis cream aims to alleviate that inflammation with natural ingredients like sweet almond oil , rosehip oil, aloe vera, vitamin E & C, and coconut oil. These ingredients create healing properties including boosting skin moisture, helping skin renew, and protecting the skin barrier by locking moisture in. 


Body Butter

Contains 600mg CBD

Our body butter product is scented with vanilla and citrus for a nice, fresh spring scent,  great for everyday use. It helps to boost skin’s moisture, fight against breakouts, and aid irritation with its natural ingredients including shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Use our body butter after showering to open your skin’s pores and leave your skin feeling extra soft and nourished. 


Skin Care Line

Massage Oils

Contains 450mg CBD

What’s better than relaxing with a massage? Our massage oil is great for relaxing with scents from lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils providing the perfect aromatherapy ambiance. Sweet almond oil is used to help create slip meant for massaging the body as well as nourish the skin and reducing puffiness. 


Tattoo Balm 

Contains 300mg CBD

Our new tattoo balm can be used for new and old tattoos as well as small cuts and grazes for healing and protecting your skin. This balm contains vitamin E and coconut oil in order to create a protective barrier and sooth your skin while it heals. The balm is a blend of natural fruit and butters making it very gentle. 


We are so excited to have these new products up on our shelves and online. With so many additions happening to Voyage (new shops, new employees, and new products), we are proud to show our hard earned growth with this new product launch.