Following COP26, it’s a good time to discuss eco-friendly alternatives. Voyager’s favourite alternative material – unsurprisingly – is hemp. Hemp is in the same family as cannabis but without the high THC (psychoactive) content. It can be used industrially for many products including fabrics, pet products, supplements,and even concrete and plastic! This amazing plant is the basis of our business because of all its uses and amazing benefits to wellness. 

Hemp as a crop is more sustainable than cotton and other conventional crops used to create fabrics and other materials that can create waste. Hemp is a non-water intensive crop meaning it doesn’t need a lot of water to grow. This saves more water in the long run. It also grows very fast, growing from seed to plant in 90 – 120 days.  In comparison, cotton takes around 160 days from seed to plant. Hemp also produces more per acre than cotton. Per acre hemp produces 250% more fibre than cotton. 

Hemp thrives without pesticides making it an easy crop to grow organically. It is known to promote soil nutrients and prevent soil erosion making it a crop that won’t ruin soil after it’s been grown. Hemp will absorb whatever is in the soil which it is grown in, thus cleaning it.  This does mean however, that it’s important if it’s being consumed that the soil does not have any heavy metals or pesticides in it.  All the hemp we use in our edible products is organically grown to make sure it doesn’t have any dangerous chemicals in, which is shown through our lab reports.  

Voyager Hemp Products

Voyager has numerous hemp products ranging from pet products to beard balms and hand creams. Hemp is a great additive to pet grooming products because of its beneficial nutrients for pets coats, joints, and anxiety. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 making it great for joint health, strengthening immune system, and aiding sleep. The omegas are in higher quantities and more readily absorbed than in animal omegas such as fish oils. They are also a vegan alternative to getting these important nutrients into your pets’ systems.   The oil is a great natural moisturiser which makes it great for soothing pets’ irritated skin. Our products include a hemp seed oil shampoo, odour neutralizing spray, and hemp seed oil paw balm for your pets grooming needs. 

We also have hemp products for humans including our hemp beard balm and hemp hand cream. We’ve added hemp to our products because of its moisturising properties and soothing treatment to skin. Our hemp fabrics like our hemp face cloths and cleansing pads are also great for sensitive skin. Hemp is a natural antimicrobial fabric which makes it beneficial for sensitive skin that can be easily irritated. In fact, all of our products come from the hemp plant as all our CBD comes from the hemp plant.  

Future of Hemp

In the future, we can see hemp becoming a more staple crop due to its sustainability and its multiple uses. There is such a big range of what hemp can provide us, it makes sense to use it more than the less sustainable alternatives. On an individual level we can all be more sustainable by choosing more organic hemp options when we purchase products and fabrics. We can also support and choose businesses that are open about their sustainable practices and are using hemp in their products.